The MoonlightChildren’s Family Trust

Moonlight Children�s Home established in April 2009 provides home for the abandoned, homeless and orphan children of Nepal located in Taukhel, Godawari – 06, Lalitpur, Nepal. MCH is registered (NGO) Non-government organization and non-profit organization with the aim to provide home, food, education, clothes, healthy environment and entertainment to the development of children so that they grow up to lead a normal life and a good citizen.

Nepal is a beautiful country of mountains and rich culture but sadly it’s one of the poorest country in the world. Poverty is one reason, which leads to so many homeless children here. Children in Nepal are abandoned and orphaned mostly due to poverty and social issues. Most of the population of Nepal dwells in the rural areas and the recent civil unrest confined to these areas has left many orphaned. Nepal suffered from conflict for about twelve years. During this period, many people lost their lives and many orphaned during the decade long Maoist conflict. Realizing these facts, this child home named �Moonlight Children�s Home� is established to improve the suffering of these children. In our patriarchal society female are dominated by the male society in each and every aspect of their life and to grab the opportunities as a whole. So this children�s home is especially for the protection of such kinds of needs and orphan girls.

Due to the increase in the number of children abandoned and orphaned every single day MCH plans to extend the capacity to in-house at least minimum 30 children. Moonlight Children�s Home started with 5 girls and the number has increased. Now we have 22 beautiful girls with us.

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