My mother lost her father when she was only 3 years old. He died from lack of medical attention simply because the family could not afford it. She was then raised by her single mother and suffered incredible hardships growing up. She found Jesus at a young age and came to the realization that she had been put on this Earth to look after children in need.


She once rescued 3 young, abandoned children and brought them to live with her in a small rented room in Kathmandu. However, with no stable income, she had no other choice but to send the children back to their poverty-stricken families, and this broke her heart. My mother always dreamed that one day she would find the means to establish a proper home, that she would somehow find the financial support necessary. Our goal has always been to help our kids lead a healthy and prosperous life, to learn about values and integrity and to prepare them for a future where they can stand on their own two feet.


  • To provide a safe and loving homeĀ for underprivileged, abandoned or orphaned girls from all parts of Nepal.
  • To provide for their fundamental needs, such as food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, and better education.


Target Group:


Underprivileged, abandoned and orphaned children of Nepal. Primarily girls from lower casts.


Unfortunately, here in Nepal, we get absolutely no support whatsoever from our government, we rely entirely on private donations and fundraising.


  • MCH father works as a non paid staff.
  • Kitchen In-charge work as a non paid staff
  • MCH Managing Director work as a non paid staff
  • Telephone sets
  • Free tuition
  • Computer


Contact Person:


Bimal Osti – (Managing Director)

Contact: +977-9841973139 (M), 01-5561131 (R)

e-mail: nepal.mch@gmail.com