Who We Are

The Moonlight Children’s Home was established in April, 2009. We provide a loving home for abandoned, homeless and orphaned girls, arriving to us from all regions in Nepal. We’re located in Godawari-3, on the outskirts of Kathmandu. We are a registered Non-Government and Non-profit Organization (NGO). Our principal goal is to provide shelter, food, education, clothing, as well as a secure, healthy and loving environment for our kids to thrive in. All of this in the hope that our children will have the opportunity to grow up and just be able to lead a normal, productive life.

Nepal is a beautiful country of mountains and rich in culture, but sadly it’s one of the most economically challenged countries in the world. Children in Nepal are abandoned and orphaned mostly due to poverty and social issues. Tragically, many of our girls were abandoned simply for being girls. Most of the population of Nepal lives in rural areas. The recent civil unrest in these areas along with devastating natural calamities has left many children orphaned or displaced.

After the earthquake which ravaged our country in 2015, and the decade-long Maoist conflict, thousands of children lost their families and their homes. As a result, many become homeless and were put at great risk from child traffickers. In Nepal’s patriarchal society women and children are often exploited in nefarious ways. Realizing this, the Moonlight Children’s Home was established to help and protect these highly vulnerable girls.

Due to the daily increase of abandoned and orphaned children, MCH felt the need to extend our capacity in the hope of being able to look after in excess of 25 children. Moonlight Children’s Home started with 5 girls and the number has increased ever since. We now have 24 beautiful girls staying with us, ranging in age from 6 to 17 years old. Our children’s home is run by my wife and I, along with my parents and our wonderful cook, who was also an abandoned single mother.