At MCH, our first priority is the safety and well-being of the children in our care. Our staff, Board Chair and Vice-Chair undertook Child Safeguarding training with TRIO Research and Development in January 2023. This covered children’s rights, Nepali law regarding children and children’s homes, and appropriate policies and practices. After this training, we will go over this training with all new staff and the whole team at least every 3 years to review new updates and rules. Before we renew our official registration every year, district-level government staff visit MCH to inspect and write a report.

At our training, TRIO developed for us the following policies:

1) Child Safeguarding Policy Standard and Code of Conduct

2) Child Safeguarding Code of Conduct to Board

3) Child Safeguarding Code of Conduct to Staff

4) Child Safeguarding Code of Conduct for Service Providers and Volunteer

5) Copies of the Policy, Standard and Code of Conduct, and the Service Provider and Volunteer Code of Conduct are available in English.


All adults who work at MCH or have responsibility for the children, including volunteers, will be expected to read and agree to the relevant policies, and to implement these practices. These documents are in Nepali and available for inspection on request. A copy of the Service Provider and Volunteer Code of Conduct is available in English.